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I help speakers, authors, and coaches gain the clarity they need, and the confidence they deserve, so they can make an income from their creativity. 

Too many creatives have a great idea that will never connect with their audience.

Their offerings are unclear, they use language that most people don’t understand, and few will walk away knowing how you can actually help them through your writing, speaking, or coaching.

This is unfortunate, but it’s true. 

The great news is we can change that. 

You should have an audience that gets you. 


You should make an income from your ideas.

Let’s make it happen.


What Clients Are Saying About Their Training

Working with Jeremy was beyond anything I expected. Within 15 minutes he understood my message and helped me bring clarity to communicate the passions of my heart in a way that could be universally understood. I can’t say it enough, working with Jeremy has exceeded all expectations.


From Side Hustle to Sole Income- Are You Ready to Leap?

We’ve all been there. Standing on the corner where our dreams and our responsibilities meet. We know that if we could have just a few more hours a day to devote to our projects then we’d finally make enough money from our passions, allowing us to leave our “day job” once and for all. Click to learn more...

Audience Clapping

How to Make Any Presentation Funny(ier)

I’ve heard it said time and time again, the phrase; “I wish I could make people laugh, but I just can’t. I’m not that funny.” Can we be honest for a second? You’re funnier than you know. And you’re probably funnier than most. The issue is, you just don’t know how to tap into your unique type of humor and the hilarious perspective that only you can bring. Click to learn more...

TedxImage copy.jpg

How to Give a TED Worthy Talk 

It’s been said that great keynotes do one of three things, they inspire the audience, they educate the audience, or they activate the audience to take action. Through my experience of writing and delivering a TEDx talk, I’ve learned it’s possible to do all three. Click to learn more...

"When someone is speaking, they’re really only looking to accomplish one of three things; to educate, to inspire, or to entertain. Somehow, Jeremy did all three today."

Clint Poole – Senior Marketing Manager CAT Financial.

"This is one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. It’s clear that Jeremy’s been teaching this successfully with himself, and with others. I’ve started using some of what I learned the next day with my coaching clients." 

Adam Tarnow

"What I just saw today (Jeremy’s Presentation) is literally one of the top three best presentations I’ve seen in my life."

John Branyan – Comedian and CCA Past President

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