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Speaking Topics For Your Event

Male Dog Walker

Weight Loss Is Easy- Y’all Are Just Doing It Wrong; A Neurodiverse Approach to a Very Typical Problem

Have you ever tried to lose weight and found yourself asking “why does this have to be so hard???” The truth is, that it probably isn’t. But you might be making it harder than it needs to be. I know, that might sound harsh, but what I’ve learned with my experience over the past 35 years is that their multiple ways to approach weight loss and that most people don’t approach it in a way that works for them. Then, they take bad advice that seems relevant, but is more emotionally driven than factual and that just compounds the frustration. Click to learn more...

Lifting Barbells

The Prodigal Waistline – How to Find a Healthy Balance in Your Life

If we’re being honest, we live in a world of extremes. Health and wellness, unfortunately, is no difference. Everything has to be BIGGER, FASTER, YOUNGER, and BETTER and if you’re not achieving the results, you wanted yesterday, then you’re already failing. While that type of mentality may work for the internet, it doesn’t work in real life.
Real, everyday people like you and me, don’t have the time, money or patience to live an extreme lifestyle.
The great news is that you don’t have to.

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Audience Laughing

Laughing Our Pants Off – When It Comes to Fitness, Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine.

Do you ever get tired of people who are half-naked silently judging you while you know they’re glaring instructions at you about how you should be living your life? We get it, a tube of cookie dough isn’t going to help lower my A1C, but sometimes I just need to hear something positive in my life that isn’t coming from a person who looks like they’ve never carried and extra pound around a day in their life (except at the gym).
Sometimes, we just need a good laugh before we can have the confidence to try again.
That’s exactly what this talk is all about.

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Speaking Testimonials

When I heard Jeremy share his “Facts & Feelings” way of communicating it was like he switched on a really bright lightbulb that was buried somewhere in my head.  It made everything clear with who I am and why I process things the way I do. Even later that day, I found myself able to be more productive and communicate easier with those around me because I finally felt understood. It’s made a world of difference.

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